Twenty Years of Back Pain and Massive Doses of Drugs Both Gone after Orthospinology Chiropractic Care.

Posted in Spinal and Extremity Pain, Head Pain and Neurological Symptoms

To explain how the upper cervical correction can have a dramatic effect on debilitating lower back pain requires an in depth understanding of the anatomy and neurology of the upper neck and head junction. The short version is that the upper cervical misalignment or subluxation causes a traction of the region of the upper cervical spinal cord where the spinal tracks lie that control the pelvic, low and mid back muscles. The irritation of these tracks creates tighter muscles on one side versus the other creating an unlevel pelvis. The unlevel pelvis, in turn, creates unequal loading of the spinal discs and joints creating premature degeneration, inflammation and pain. The upper back and neck compensate while the lower joints of the spine, sacro-iliac, hip, knee, ankle and feet bear unequal weight causing gait changes, altered joint movement and  accelerated osteoarthritis. Kind of like the front end of a car being out of line causes the tires to wear unequally. This explains why most pain, whether in the spinal or extremity joints, is greater on one side and most hip and knee replacements are unilateral.

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