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2017 (See all 2017)

Pediatric Workshop

November 11 Mayer CC (Clearwater, FL)

Seminar Schedule 2018

Basic 1 Workshop

January 13-14 Berner FC (Marietta, GA) February 3-4 Mayer CC (Clearwater, FL) April 14-15 Berner FC (Marietta, GA) May 12-13 Mayer CC (Clearwater, FL)

Basic II Workshop

February 17-18 Berner FC (Marietta, GA) March 24-25 Mayer CC (Clearwater, FL) June 2-3 Berner FC (Marietta, GA) July 7-8 Mayer CC (Clearwater, FL)

Pediatric Workshop

November 10 Mayer CC (Clearwater, FL)

Advanced Workshop

January 27-28 Humberland GR (Waleska, GA) March 17-18 Humberland GR (Waleska, GA) August 4-5 Humberland GR (Waleska, GA)

Annual Symposium (15 CE Credit Hours)*

September 21-22 Renaissance Hotel (Atlanta, GA)

Risk Management/GA Law

September 23 Renaissance Hotel (Atlanta, GA)


All dates are subject to change.

*State approval pending.